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SHTATËMBËDHJETË (17) is a nonprofit organization established in Prishtina, Kosovo in 2018.  17 started initially as a collaborative duo with the aim of making visually and intellectually engaging artworks that explore social and psychological perspectives through Experimental Video Art. Building on this experience and the need to refunctionalize alternative public spaces, Shtatëmbëdhjetë has been registered as a foundation that aims to foster positive change in society through enabling cultural vitality and creativity.  


Our mission is to foster cultural activism for social development. 17 has three programs: Art & Culture, Civic Activism and Project Space. 17 is based in Prishtina, but covers all Kosovo regions with its activities.  


SHTATËMBËDHJETË (17) is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for citizens of all genders and ages at all levels of their journey, encouraging participation in public life through arts, culture, education and outreach, and serving as a vital creative resource for the community.


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Our aim is to nourish and sustain a space of thinking, in the broadest sense of the word. This space takes the form of an interdisciplinary center that combines the intellectual and the creative in order to provide a forum which is able to respond to relevant social issues and engage in constructive dialogue by encouraging questions that seek to push boundaries and challenge conventional answers by interacting with various disciplines. It supports the creation of diverse and multi-faceted global perspectives as represented by the dynamic exchange and engagement of communities and artists and is purposefully situated as part of a larger network of change making centers in order to foster dialogue, communication and collaboration. Project Space pursues to emerge within the local community as an active member and catalyst for change, bringing forth original ideas that benefit the social, economic and political infrastructure. It actively takes steps to integrate environmental consciousness and sustainability into the culture of our center and activities.

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Metamorphosis aims to promote positive change in society through enabling cultural vitality and creativity. This is supposed to be achieved by bringing life to abandoned objects, revitalizing them even for a day. In this form, collective memory for a past that is little tackled is brought back, and public spaces are used for the benefit of the community. Metamorphosis uses art and culture as the main tool to raise the voice of the importance of using public space .


Pikëpamja aims to offer practices that encourage and empower girls and young men to engage in decision-making processes in their community. This is to be achieved by providing a platform through which issues related to their needs and concerns are addressed, giving priority to young people and marginalized groups in our society. All this will be achieved through the writings that the participants will write by addressing various topics that affect them and the country they live in. Also to raise awareness upon youth point of views and needs.


INFRARED ART Residency, is developed based on the nature of infrared light which is generally invisible to the human eye, but that can be felt as heat, and which can only be seen under certain conditions and with special equipment. In the same line of thought, the methodology of Infrared Art Residency is to identify community and human rights issues using “special” tools such as arts to see and tackle such issues. INFRARED through artistic residences aims to establish a public dialogue on certain issues by contributing to raising the critical thinking level of young artists on how to use art as a tool to act.


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As a non-profit organization we need to work hard every day to ensure our financial sustainability, so that we can continue to make a real difference in the world.


To do more, we need your help.  You can support us in many ways - from booking the space for a workshop or event at our Project Space, or by donating to help us advance our mission – and benefit the many communities and causes we serve.

Please contact us for more information on how you can support our work.